Dream a Little Dream of Me

Author: Jolie St. Amant

Title: Dream a LIttle Dream of Me

Category: Paranormal

Type: Novella

Cover Design: Redbird Design 

Available: October 2017

Kindle: http://a.co/gTFkPfM 


Chateau Rouge is a reputedly haunted hotel. It hides secrets and stories within its walls, tales that lure guests from all over the world. 

Yet there’s one story that has never been told. The story of a New Orleans bordello Madam who had to endure the pain of watching her true love die…twice.

Josey has been the owner of Chateau Rouge for the last two hundred years. She’s content with her routine existence, and has been for a long time…until Archer Grayson walks into her hotel.

He ignites a hunger in her which she hasn’t felt for over one hundred years, and this can only mean one thing…her love has returned to her. 

But with his return comes the curse of their fate, and Josey refuses to survive a broken heart for a third time. Unless…what if this time is different? What if there’s a chance for them to change their destiny? 

Could it be that their love finally has a different fate written in the cards?

Or is history bound to repeat itself? 

Hard Hearted Hannah

Author: Jolie St. Amant 

Title: Hard Hearted Hannah

Category: Paranormal 

Type: Novella 

Cover Design: Redbird Design

Available: February 2018

Kindle:  http://a.co/a5kSCJB 


  After a disastrous love affair with a Hollywood bad boy, Hannah is left with nothing but a hardened heart.

Now that she’s returned home to Savannah, Georgia, her days are filled with all work and no play. That’s until she decides to go to New Orleans for the Voodoo Festival, accompanied by the company photographer…who also happens to be a dimpled, Cajun man with the potential to cause a lot of complications.

Hannah tries everything to keep her distance from Julien, but seems to fail every time. It’s as if something—or someone—keeps on pushing them closer together.

Is it the allure of the sultry South? The romance of the Crescent City? Or can it be something more…otherworldly?

No matter what forces are at work, the question is…will Hannah’s fear of heartbreak keep her and Julien apart?

Or will the mysterious Chateau Rouge work its enchanting spell on these two lovers?


Penny for Your Thoughts

Author: J D Boudreaux

Title: Penny for Your Thoughts

Category: Contemporary Romance

Type: Novel 

Cover Design: Redbird Design

Available: March 2018

  Kindle: http://a.co/8yZKsRN

Paperback: http://a.co/3NpWvwZ



Alex likes to think he’s a good guy—the type of person who loves to help others. A Good Samaritan. So naturally when he sees a woman stuck at the side of the road, looking all helpless his first instinct is to stop and help. 

Little did he know that this one act of kindness is about to change his life forever.

Penny has her future all planned out. Her new job as a reporter is the first step toward building a successful life for herself. Unfortunately, her first day on the job isn’t going as she imagined it would. 

On the side of the highway with a flat tire and open trunk all she can do is silently pray for a miracle…and then gets one. 

Only, this miracle is about to steer her life in an entirely different direction.